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Loving You Enlightens Me
A Tantric Journey

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About The Author

Margo Landry was born in Seattle and attended the University of Washington, then became a stewardess for United Airlines before marrying comedian Ron Landry in NYC. They moved to Hartford where they had  three children. From Hartford, they moved to Boston and in 1970, to Malibu, California where she became a Yoga instructor. In 2002, Ron died of cancer. Margo's fearless search for happiness during the sexual revolution led to a life-changing discovery which she shares in this book. Now approaching her 75th birthday, she continues to reach higher and higher levels of energetic connection with her partner.

Margo's partner, Thomas R Blakeslee, is President of the Clearlight Foundation and a graduate of Caltech. He is a computer engineer and founder of Orion Instruments. His books have been published in 9 languages.


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